Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Ex Jehovah's Witnesses speak out

Please watch these video clips and educate yourself about the true nature of the JW cult. Each of the painful stories described here could be repeated many times from other religious cults, false religions and false churches around the world.

Those looking for help with recovery from spiritual and other abuse please go to and where you will find links to other helpful organisations as well.

Like the Borg in the Star Trek TV series the goal of cult leaders is to destroy your ability to think and act for yourself and turn you into a 'clone'. Once you are in the cult resistance is futile! To find out how this mind-control works go to the Montrose Assimilation Institute.

A young ex-JW woman warns of abuses in the cult

Young ex-JW describes atmosphere of fear

Teen JW disfellowshiped for being raped

Ex-JW describes painful childhood and obsessed mother

Son of JW lawyers describes abuses of the religion

Ex-JW, professor and author on abusive religions

Ex-JW therapist discusses Mind Control

Ex JWs describe their conversion to Christ

Cruelty exercised by JW leadership

Male JW rape victim speaks out

News report about pedophilia in JW leadership

'Silentlambs' confront JWs in this news report

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